The Rawabi Tech Hub will play a critical role in building a dynamic knowledge-based economy by supporting and developing micro companies and start-ups in the ICT sector. The Tech Hub augments a national strategy to advance the Palestinian technology sector as a significant driver of Palestinian economic growth and as a regional ICT powerhouse.

Rawabi’s Tech Hub hopes to catalyze and sustain growth in the Palestinian ICT sector with four major initiatives:

  1. Attracting local and international ICT companies to establish operations at Rawabi
  2. Establishing the Rawabi Institute for Training and Advancement (RITA): a market-driven, technology-focused training institute
  3. COnnect and Bader – Innovation Space and Fund

Enabling Environment for Local and International Companies

Palestine produces hundreds more well-educated computer science and engineering graduates annually than the local market is able to absorb. Rawabi’s economic strategy hopes to generate 5,000 permanent new jobs in the city. The strategy also seeks to address obstacles to growth in the Palestinian ICT industry by encouraging entrepreneurship, helping local companies expand and attracting international investors. The city’s ICT network plan includes a comprehensive infrastructure designed to support enterprises utilizing the most advanced ICT technologies. Rawabi is completely committed to establishing and nurturing the educational-industrial partnerships, technological training and entrepreneurial spirit required to advance the Tech Hub and the Palestinian ICT sector as a whole.

RITA – Rawabi Institute for Training and Advancement

RITA is a high-end, market-driven training and certification institute designed to fine-tune the skill set of the Palestinian workforce to better compete in the global marketplace. RITA focuses on analyzing niche market sectors, partnering with private sector employers and developing curated training programs to address specific needs of companies.

CONNECT and Bader – Innovation Space and Fund

COnnect provides Palestinian ICT entrepreneurs with a collaborative, innovative workspace in the heart of a vibrant tech community. COnnect combines high-end IT infrastructure with shared and private workspaces, flexible leases, virtual office technologies, equipment, business guidance, and networking opportunities. Located in a sleek modern office on the 5th floor in Rawabi’s Q-Centre and adjacent to RITA, COnnect provides the perfect location and environment for early-stage tech entrepreneurs to turn their bold ideas into profitable businesses.

The facilities, services, and the community at Rawabi make doing business here a smart and invaluable investment for businesses looking to turn a concept into a product or looking to expand their already thriving enterprise.

Rawabi is also home to Bader, a technology fund, and ICT incubator. With a large endowment of seed capital, Bader’s mission is to support technology and ICT-related start-ups, fostering growth and expansion through direct investment. Entrepreneurs receive funding, business resources and guidance from experienced mentors. With multi-level support increasing chances for success, Bader tech start-ups will support job creation, encourage economic growth, and enhance both Rawabi’s and Palestine’s reputation in the ICT sector.

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