Bader’s services are designed to increase an incubated company’s likelihood of successful development and growth beyond what it could achieve on its own by providing fund for innovative ideas in their stage of development, and financial resources, professional guidance, and administrative assistance.

Offering value-added services is key to the incubator’s ability to successfully generate jobs and create wealth in Palestine.

Services are divided into four categories:

Direct business development assistance
Professional network and relationship support
Technical assistance and consulting tailored to hosting growing companies
Facility-based services
Incubator companies will have access to all core services. Business development assistance is the direct support provided to incubated companies from the time of acceptance through graduation.

Networking and relationship support is the active role the incubator will take to develop connections to resources that incubator companies might not otherwise have access to as small, emerging businesses such as mentoring.



The mission of Bader is to stimulate the growth of ICT start-up companies by making return driven investments. By fulfilling this mission, Bader would contribute to job creation, and provide for enhanced economic growth in Palestine.