Mahmoud Thaher ( Head of Business Development )

Mahmoud Thaher is Head of Business Development at Massar. His main duties include project and assignment management, proposal writing, client and partner relationship management, as well as documentation. His areas of expertise include project management, business planning, feasibility assessment, market research and planning, financial analysis and reporting, in addition to monitoring and evaluation.

Through his work at Massar Group, Mahmoud is Acting Administrator of Bader ICT Incubator. His main responsibilities include strategic planning, opportunity assessment, investment analysis, business development for startups, along with partner relationship management.

Mahmoud’s experience ranges from small non-profits to a Fortune 500 corporation. Prior to joining Massar Group, Mahmoud worked as a Business Consultant and Development Officer at Dimensions Consulting, an IT Consultant at Feeding America SWVA, an IT Project Analyst at Advance Auto Parts Inc., a Technician at Roanoke College IT, and a Webmaster and Orientation Leader at The Hope Fund. Throughout his professional experience, Mahmoud has developed and improved on his interpersonal and leadership skills, strategic thinking, multi-tasking, problem solving, planning and evaluation, as well as leading multidisciplinary teams.

A cum laude graduate of Roanoke College (Salem, Virginia), Mahmoud holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), with a minor in Economics, and a concentration in Business Information Systems (BIS). His attentiveness and commitment to the program gained him the honor of Outstanding Student in BIS. Mahmoud is also a member of two distinguished honor societies: DMD (International Honor society in Business Administration), and ODE (International Economics Honor Society).